Staff at St Nicholas Avenue

Becca Clements

Nursery Manager

Becca became an NVQ level 3 qualified senior childcare practitioner at a very young age. A former room leader at Little Learners, she has subsequently gained a degree in Early Years and Childcare. Becca brings a very fresh and enthusiastic approach to our St Nicholas Avenue Nursery in Elm Park. She engages with each child personally and is always available to talk to parents each day.

Becca makes sure that children benefit from the Early Years Framework, the Ofsted-approved learning structure that supports children’s development in their earliest years. She also ensures that the nursery provides a culture where children thrive, gain confidence and self-esteem as well as social skills that will set them in good stead as they leave us to go to school.

Becca can often be found getting messy with the children and playing musical statues, her favourite activity!

Becca appreciates the importance of every individual and is keen to push staff and children to achieve all they are capable of.

Terri Noone

On Maternity Leave

Terri has completed her BA Honours Degree in Early Years and Childcare and was also the Preschool Room Leader before starting maternity leave.

Terri will be returning to Little Learners in January 2018.

Jodie Richards

Room Leader
Acting Deputy Manager

Having completed her level 3 in Early Years and Childcare, Jodie has developed he knowledge, experience and skill in order to become room leader of the 2-3year age group, also known as the Little Sun-shines. Jodie is now acting Deputy Manager and offers professional advice and feedback to parents on a daily basis. Jodie has a fantastic attitude toward to the children. Jodie ensures every day is educational as well as exciting including every individual child’s interests into routine.

Jodie is passionate about working with children, both in large groups and on a one to one basis where she brings out the personalities of each of the children and is happiest when she is snuggled down with the children telling stories!

Nicole Ruse

Nursery Practitioner

Nicole is such a caring individual. Nicole is always keen to help & assist anyone in need, she devotes her time and effort to ensuring all children have a happy and exciting day in Little Learners Nursery.

Nicole contributes a positive atmosphere and is truly interested in getting to know every individual child for who they truly are and promoting the individuality to flourish through confidence and building self-esteem in our children.

She is devoted to pushing the children’s development and building their knowledge and understanding about the world and expectations, creating confident and happy children who enjoy an exciting and stimulating environment.

Tia Kent

Room Leader

Tia came to Little Learners nursery fresh from completing her qualifications at college. Since starting Tia has learnt key skills in how to put the EYFS into practice in order to engage, interact and educate children giving them the best opportunities to develop and grow!

Tia enjoys working with this age group, mainly because they are just starting to speak and communicate, their personalities are really beginning to shine through. Tia especially enjoys conducting musical activities with instruments and lots of singing, this of course prompts and pushes the development of communication and language within her Little Snowflakes.

Tia finds that children of this age are keen to be helpers and are always interested in seeing what Tia and other staff are up to. Tia is now reaching even higher in her career by taking on the role of Parent Partnership co-ordinator- Tia recognises communication is key and this is certainly something we want to target in 2017!

Hayley Lloyd

Nursery Practioner

Hayley is trained to NVQ Level 3 in Early Years and childcare, Hayley has her own little one who attends the nursery setting on the days she works. Hayley and her baby have great fun coming to nursery and joining in the day together. Hayley works with the Little snowflakes and particularly enjoys observing the children’s communication and language skills develop as they grown confidence and are able to request what they want and need from adults. Hayley understands the importance in learning though play and especially enjoys going out for local walks. Hayley has exciting trips with her key children to the park, play ground, library and local shops!


Danielle Punt

Nursery Practitioner

Danielle works closely with the preschool aged children 3 days a week. Being a mother of two children who attend nursery, Danielle understands how hard it is to leave your child in someone else’s care, this is why she is able to connect with parents and understand their thoughts and anxieties about going to work and leaving their child within an early years setting. Danielle can relate to various circumstances and really provide support and guidance to those in need.

Danielle especially enjoys messy play and often created sensory farm activities, messy slime, food play and others for the children to explore. Danielle gets involves and often comes home just as messy at the children!

Tia Kemp

Room Leader

Tia has developed from being an unqualified apprentice to exceeding the standard expected of a child care practitioner. Working with the youngest members of our nursery Tia really enjoys prompting the children to develop physically as well as helping them to build confidence and positive wellbeing during their nursery day.

In Tia’s journey at Little Learners Nursery and Preschool, Tia has achieved two diplomas in early years and rightfully gained the post of Room leader. Tia especially enjoys caring for the intimate needs that young babies have.

Tia understands how important it is growing close bonds with not just the children but the families also. Tia builds relationships with the children so as they can grow to trust her and feel safe when newly coming into our nursery routine.

Tia runs her room entirely around the needs of her babies to help create a home from home for the children in her care and loves messy play – she very often gets messier than the younger ones while helping them to explore and experiment with new textures and materials!

Hope Penton-Looker

Apprentice Nursery Practitioner

Hope is qualified NVQ Level 2 and keen to progress and complete her Level 3 qualification. Hope is very patient and understanding when children are attempting to communicate want or needs or simply struggling with a particular activity. Hope enjoys to help others so as to meet individual children’s needs and develop their key skills.

Hope is brilliant at reading stories to the children, she particularly enjoys putting special voices on to make the characters appear real- stories are an excellent tool to improve children communication, language and attention span!

Terri Stanley

Room Leader

Terri has great control over large groups of children, she holds their attention and educates pre-school in groups so they learn collectively and from each other and their role models.

Terri is always finding and completing online courses in order to push her personal development and skills which in turn benefits the children attending our setting! Terri especially enjoys educating herself centred on Special Educational Needs and Disabilities and her training leads Terri to be Little Learner SEND Co-ordinator. Within the setting Terri pushes visual timetables, Makaton and aiding special needs children to understand and learn, exceeding their expectations.

Terri is always happy to try new things and confident within her skin. Terri teaches the children they can be whatever they want to be and so here she is dressed as a fire fighter when we had a special visit into the setting from the fire brigade!

Daniella Malone

Nursery Practitioner

Jade Knight

Nursery Practitioner

Angela Spring

Nursery Parctitioner

Carla Duina

Nursery Cook