3 Ways to Encourage Healthy Eating

healthy eating for children

Are you struggling to establish a healthy eating regime at home? Here are 3 simple tips from our resident experts on how to facilitate healthy eating.

  1.  Food Tasting!

    Surprise your child with a feast of new and exotic fruits to try. A new mix of fruits for your fruit salads and crudités This is a good way to find out what they like and don’t like to make healthy eating fun and enjoyable.

  2. Involve them!

    They are the ones eating it after all. Including your children in the preparation process will make them want to try the end result. Simple things like passing ingredients and utensils; washing fresh fruit and veg gives them a sense of ownership knowing they contributed to making the meal and therefore making them excited to eat it.

  3. Grow your own! 

    Some of the easiest fruit and veg to grow are potatoes, radishes, peas, tomatoes and strawberries. You can make it a regular activity to water your plants and chart their progress. Your children will be excited to taste the fruits of their labour… Literally!

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