How to Deal with Tantrums

How to deal with tantrumsTemper tantrums can be scary and the infamous ‘Terrible Twos’ stage can be daunting for parents. Don’t worry! It is normal for children to go through this stage as they begin to find their feet and their own voice.

Here are 5 tantrum-busting ways to help you keep your cool when your little one loses theirs!

1. Don’t give in.

Stick to your decision. Changing your no to a yes to stop the tantrums teaches your child that they can get their way if they kick and and scream enough.

2. Ignore the behaviour, but not the child.

Acknowledge their feelings: “I know you feel cross.” This will help give them names to the feelings they cannot explain or understand. Feeling valued and understood, will help them feel secure as they begin develop their own personalities.

3. Let them wear themselves out.

Make sure they will not hurt themselves or others around them while they have a tantrum. Children will stop throwing a tantrum once they are tired.

4. No.

Instead of asking children to do something, try calmly but firmly telling them. Instead of “Would you like to put your coat on and we can go the park?” Try this: “Put your coat on because we are going to the park.”

5. New siblings.

After the arrival of a new sibling, try not to disrupt your child’s routine but encourage them to be independent (post on this coming soon!). Involve them with the new baby. It may take a while to adjust to sharing your attention. Play dates will help them get used to sharing toys and attention whilst socialising with other children.