Police Officer Visit

Encourage your children to trust the Police!

The police visited Little Learners this morning. No – not because we’d been naughty!

The police officers were there to give a very important message: it is vital for young children to see police officers in a positive light – as people who help. The visiting officers made it clear they want to be seen as approachable by young children, so as to build trust at an early age.

If this happens then young children grow into adults who understand that they can confide in and look to the police for help! It also helps to build a positive message in the community.

If you use the police as a threat when your children are throwing a tantrum, or not doing as you ask, then you may unwittingly build a negative perception of police officers that causes them to have problems with authority later in life.

To keep your children safe, police advise to:

  • Teach your children to be wary of strangers
  • Teach your child their name, address and perhaps even their phone number!
  • Be friendly to police officers who you see in the street.
  • Build confidence and awareness in your children about the police force so that they begin to recognise that adults wearing uniform can be trusted.
  • Teach general knowledge about the emergency services and what they do
  • Tell your children to dial 999 for help. This may help you, your child or others!

Top tip for parents:

  • Don’t write your child’s name visibly on their clothes, this could trick them into trusting a stranger!