Little Learners Chicks are growing bigger by the day

Our chickens are growing up fast! We have moved them into the brooding box and Little Learners children are all so excited and affectionate to our Chicks.

Nursery practitioners are relating all activities associated with our Chickens to the Early Years Foundation Stage in order to ensure the children are learning and developing in all areas of the curriculum.

Personal, social and emotional development- being gentle, kind and considerate to our baby chicks, helping them to survive and giving them what they need to grow.

Communication and Language- saying chicken, repeating clucking and chirping sounds to imitate our pets.

Understanding the world- learning about where chickens and where eggs come from, where they live and what their purpose is.

Expressive Art and design- using our creative and imaginative skills to make arts and craft related to the topic of chicks and eggs!