Fireworks night and autumn season

Our topics for November 2017 are Fireworks Night and the Autumn Season.

All our activities and games will be designed to develop our Little Learners’ knowledge and understanding about these topics in a fun and stimulating manner. Participating in different activities which relate to firework night and autumn, the children will be developing confidence, knowledge and personal skills while also having great fun! Using natural resources such as crunchy leaves and focusing on colours, the children will learn how colours are formed by mixing them together to make new ones. This is a great opportunity get messy and reinforce colour names during play!

Focusing on autumn will help children to recognise the seasonal changes in the world around them. Children will use a variety of natural resources gathered in the local park such as sticks, fallen leaves, conkers, acorns, sticks to make art work and do other activities.

Visits to Elm Park Library will help the children to find books, learn and understand fascinating facts about both topics. They will also be able to look for their favourite stories and identify the characters involved.

All pre-school children will use their imagination to tell their own stories by looking at the pictures within the stories they choose. Children over 30 months will start developing mark-making skills to represent their thoughts and feelings as well as drawing pictures of the people and objects they see around them.

A visit to Harrow Lodge Park will give children the opportunity to explore the environment and observe the autumnal changes first-hand. They will be able to recognise the different colours of leaves, and develop  independence by putting on their own shoes, coats, hat and gloves before they venture outdoors.

All children will be getting into the baking spirit by making biscuits, colourful Firework cupcakes and many other tasty treats. These activities help to develop the children’s mathematic skills by counting and identifying the different colours and shapes used to create and decorate their tasty treats, as well as correctly weighing and measuring ingredients.

Throughout the month, all the activities planned will link to the seven areas within the ‘Early Years Foundation Stage’. Creative activities will target the development of hand-eye coordination. The use of different tools and equipment will help children to gain fine motor skill control by develop their palmar grasp, pincer grip, and the tripod hold.