Chidren’s Views taken into consideration

The children remain at the centre of everything we do here at Little Leaners Nursery and preschool. Every few weeks Little Learners practitioners ask the nursery children what it is they specifically like about nursery and what they would like to do more of… See the specific questions listed below.
Child’s Quiz
  • What do you like about nursery?
  • What do you not like about nursery?
  • What is your favourite thing to do at nursery?
  • What do you do with Mummy and Daddy that you would like to do at nursery?
  • What is the yummiest food you have at nursery?
  • Name one thing you have learnt from nursery?

Based on the answers we receive we adapt our practice to ensure the child’s interests are put directly into our practice!

Click the document link to see the answers children gave us! Childs views 23 2 18