Little Learners Ofsted rating ‘GOOD’

Little Learners are celebrating our Ofsted grading ‘Good’

On Wednesday 22nd November 2017, Little Learners Nursery and preschool Elm Park were pleasantly surprised with a knock at the door from an Ofsted inspector!

The day entailed various observations on staff and children. The Ofsted inspector commented in the report ‘children have good relationships with staff and each other’.

Safeguarding is a key factor within all childcare settings, on 22nd November 2016, the inspector robustly checked Elm Park practitioners knowledge on how they would react to a concern or suspicion relating to a child’s wellbeing. It was recognised by the Ofsted inspector that ‘staff know how to recognise and report any signs that indicate a child may be at risk of harm.’

On the day, the inspector requested to speak to parents so as to gauge a feel for the partnership and communication from the setting to the children’s primary carers, after interactions with primary care givers, the inspector arrived at the decision ‘good systems are in place to share information with parents about their children’s progress’ and ‘staff offer lots of comfort and reassurance, helping children to keep safe and feel secure.’

I am very pleased to say all practitioners were amazing and showed their every day fantastic practice conducted consistently.

If you would like to read the Ofsted report yourself, please visit…