Vets and Pets!

During the month of February 2018, one of our topic’s of learning within Little Learners Nursery and Preschool is Vets and Pets! Vets is always a popular topic at Little Learners!

Learning about adult occupations is very important as this may inspire our children about their future occupation as well as develop their aspirations!

The theme vets and pets is very relatable to the 7 areas of learning of the Early years foundation stage. The children can be preparing animal food and learning about what types of foods different animals eat, or even what animals become our foods! Our log cabin has been transformed into a veterinary practice for children to role play which is fantastic to develop communication and interaction social skills through dressing up and imaginative play with peers.

The nursery already interacts with our lovely pet Guinea Pig, Belle, but will have the opportunity to meet very special tortoises and rabbits (pets which belong to staff members) will be our guests during February. This will broaden the children’s knowledge of animals and help them to practice Little Learner’s key value of compassion. Mums and Dads, please be aware of how easily influenced young children are, if you do have a dislike for animals, try not to pass this fear onto your children!