Oral Hygeine Top Tips

How to Care for Babies’ Teeth…

·       Plaque bacteria can occur in a babies mouth especially after feedings… use a damp cloth to gently wipe a new-born baby’s gums and this should remove the bacteria and stop it multiplying. Water only, not toothpaste!

·       Try to plan your routine and structure so as your baby doesn’t go to bed with a bottle of formula or juices that contain sugar.

·       The trick is to encourage children to brush their teeth from a very young age to familiarise themselves with the process. We recommend children start brushing as soon as their first tooth cuts… use extra-soft bristles and a pea-sized dab of non-fluoride toothpaste are best.

·       Even babies can develop cavities and require dental attention, so it’s a good idea to see a paediatric dentist early. We recommend your baby has their first dentist  visit by their first birthday.

How to care for Toddler Teeth Brushing…

·       When all members of the family brush their teeth at the same time, young children have a role model to copy and this becomes embedded into morning and evening routine.

·       Make brushing your teeth a fun experience for a child, then they will look forward to it and never forget before bed!

·       At about age two, it’s okay to start using fluoride toothpaste, but make sure there’s no swallowing.

·       If you’re unsure of how long a child should brush… this should be around two minutes, which can seem a long time for a child, so try singing the child’s favourite nursery rhyme in that time… and the child will be entertained as they brush!

·       There are lots of different designs that feature popular animated characters, so if your child isn’t warming to brushing their teeth… let them chose their own tooth brush to have ownership in order to enjoy the experience.

·       Usually by ages 3 or 4 years, all 20 ‘baby’ teeth have appeared. ‘Adult’ teeth appear around age 6 and may continue to emerge into the teen years.

·       If you have a toddler who is afraid of the dentist, you might make your little one more! Or even invest in some dentist role play and make games of being a dental nurse and patient!