Fun time Spanish Session

Every week a special session occurs at Little Learners Nursery. We invite a professional in to meet our children and specifically work with the children aged 2-5 years. The Professional from ‘Fun Time Spanish’, teach the children some Spanish words in a variety of fun and interactive ways! The Little Learners children have been progressing all year now and really enjoy this enthusiastic and educational session!

Today the children learnt all of the Spanish names for our favourite fruits… see below to teach your little ones at home!



Naranja Orange
Cerezas Cherries
Coco Coconut
Plantanos Banana
Sandia Watermelon
Pina Pineapple



Interestingly enough, all of those yummy fruits are on the 4 week, healthy eating menu at Little Learners Nursery, now the children can ask for what they want in Spanish!