Heat Stroke Signs and Symptoms

1)    What is heat stroke?

Body becoming so hot it is unable to regulate its body temperature anymore.

2)    How is heat stroke caused?

Heat stroke is caused from being in the sun too much, over exerting self in hot conditions, not drinking enough fluid on hot days.

3)    What are symptoms to look out for which indicate heat stroke?

Nausea, tiredness, muscle cramping, red face and hot, rapid pulse, seizures, shaking, head ache, dizziness, confusion, disorientation, loss of consciousness.

4)    How can you avoid heat stroke?

Hats, shade, drinking lots of fluid, sun cream applied regularly, sitting calmly and not over exerting self.

5)    What do you do if a child gets sun burnt?

Cold compress/ice pack, cool/cold bath, after sun cream, stay out of the sun, cover up skin with lose clothing, drink lots of fluid.

6)    Why is it important for the children to continuously drink water in hot weather?

To avoid sun stroke and dehydration.

7)    What organ can heat stroke cause the most damage to?


8)    What is the ‘normal temperature of your body? And how hot will your body get before heat stroke is diagnosed?

 Normal is 37C/98.6F        Heat stroke is 40C/105F

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