The importance of moving from Early year’s provision to a Reception class

Starting school is a huge step in any child’s life whether they are used to full time Early years care, used to having a secure attachment with mainly one parent by having a stay at home environment for their early years, or if the child has been exposed to a preschool session structure. The importance of staff from both early years provisions and schools, but also parents working together to support the child to progress to their full potential, is key to ensuring children are mentally and emotionally prepared for the new journey ahead of them.

It is important that children and parents are given opportunities to familiarise themselves with the school environment so that they can start building relationships and understanding of what’s about to come. I am proud to say children from little learners have visited schools and teachers have visited us as well as home visits, our children seem to be very excited and well prepare for the school journey ahead of them.


But let’s go that extra mile… What parents can do to help also is:

– Walk past the new school and point it out to your child, or walk to the school for a practise run as September morning journeys are only round the corner!
– Change your planned route so as to drive past the new primary school so your child can repeatedly familiarise themselves with the roads and surroundings of their new school
– Dress up in school uniform
– Role play as student and teacher
– Let your child chose their own packed lunch box, hair bands, school shoes, or pencil case so as to have ownership over their ‘school belongings’ and look forward to using their new equipment at school
– Build a child’s self-esteem and confidence so they are able to socialise and speak out in groups
– Help your children to learn to write their name and recognise letters of the alphabet
– Practice sitting down and reading a story holding your child’s attention for several minutes.

Most importantly, is your child independent and strong willed to completed tasks free from help? Encourage your child to be independent! Ask yourself, can your 4 year old pour their own drink? Open their own lunch box? Find their own shoes and put them on their feet? Brush their own teeth? Wash their own face? These are all things we take for granted and may be tasks we as parents complete for our little ones in order to get ready quicker in the mornings… but what happens when you’re not at school with them during the day?

Independence is the key to success.