How to keep Safe in this Hot Weather

After a couple of days rest and a few rain drops, the sunshine has begun to beam once more!

Little Learners would like to take this opportunity to give you Top Tips on how to keep your children safe from Heat related complications. 

Top Tips include: 

·    Keep your children inside between the hours of 11am-3pm as this is the hottest period of the day.

·       Make use of the shaded areas.

·       Drink plenty of water and offer your children ice poles to ensure the children are hydrated.

·       Water activities to help keep the children cool 

·       Sun cream applied regularly

·     Making sure every child has a sunhat on their head during sunny hours. 

if you would like to know more information about keeping safe in the sun, please click the link from the ‘The Public Health England’ to find out more information about ow to keep your children safe in this intense heat.

Or follow the Link for Little Learners Nursery and Preschool Hot Weather Top Tips Hot Weather Top Tips