Mathematics activity for Preschool

Within Little Learners Nursery and Preschool, we fully support and implement the ‘Early Years Foundation Stage’, this curriculum is fully embedded into our practice and benefits man children on a day to day basis! 

‘Mathematics’ is one of the specific areas of the ‘EYFS’. Practitioners at Little Learners push the development of shapes and numbers through play. This morning’s adult led activity had preschool aged children counting in number sequence! The activity also has children forming recognisable numbers which helps individuals to develop their fine motors skills relating directly the area of physical development. Being able to mark-make with control during this activity also connects directly to the ‘Literacy’ area of learning as well as ‘Expressive arts and design!’

It’s important to know that everything a child is doing, is a learning experience! Every activity helps enhance and develop key skills from a variety of areas of learning! 

The children picked a stone with a number written on, they then copied writing the number using a white board and pen. If the children’s engagement and interaction was still being held closely, they then chose the correct number of pinecones to represent the number originally picked on the stone!

Our preschool children did fantastically at this activity and have shown they are extremely clever! What a fun way to study our numbers at Little Learners!