October 2018 Topics of Learning & Newsletter

In October 2018 the children at Little Learners will be developing knowledge and understanding on- Autumn season, Harvest Festival, Halloween & Wiggly worms.

Please follow the link to read our Topic Program for details about how our activities meet the EYFS 7 areas of learning. Topic Program October 2018

These seasonal celebrations relating directly to the time of year, national and cultural holidays, all combines, helps us to embrace diversity through creativity during nursery days.

The nursery practitioners will be prompting the children to consider people less fortunate that ourselves in the world around us. We will be pushing the children to think about all the positivity & security we have from our opportunities, our loving families, warm beds and full tummies.

One of Little Learners key values is compassion. The nursery are inviting you to have compassion for those less fortunate that ourselves and offer donations of food to work in conjunction with St. Nicholas church as part of their Harvest Festival.

Please follow the link to read our Harvest Festival Newsletter and learn what you can do to aid our Local Church St. Nicholas. Harvest Festival Newsletter 2018