Little Learners Leading the Way, Learning Through play …

‘Little learners nursery is the place to be,
The laughter here is contagious,
It will spread from you to me,
We’re here to make your precious child’s life a little brighter,
Hoping he or she will prosper into an actor, artist or writer.

We hear their footsteps coming,
See their finger prints on the wall,
Watch them run out into the garden for the greatest fun of all!
Our children love to dance,
Love to chat & sing all day,
Playing outside in the sunshine is a treat,
… exploring in every way!

After hiding in the caterpillar,
And playing in the sands,
Its time to tidy up for home, settle down and wash our hands…

We’ve had the best of days today,
They never leave us in sorrow,
We’re planning activities, painting and games…
And we’ll see you all tomorrow’

Written by Francesca Auger, 2 year olds Room Leader.

Little Learners Elm Park