How do I register my child with Little Learners?

If you like what you see here, please book a visit to come and view the nursery.

Little Learners at St Nicholas Avenue

Little Learners at Axon Place

The visit will enable you to meet the manager and explore the nursery. The manager will tell you about all the aspects of nursery life, and will answer any questions you may have, such as availability of the days you prefer.

If I like the nursery, what’s the next step?

If you decide that this is the right nursery for you, then you can register your child on the day of your visit. The nursery manager will advise you which days are currently available and you can arrange your start date. (Note: there is usually a waiting list for our Elm Park Nursery, which also  offers FULL days only). You will be asked for a deposit to secure your place.

Settling in visits

In the week or two prior to your child starting nursery you will be offered a number of free ‘settling in’ visits. These short visits allow your child to get used to being in the nursery, becoming familiar with the setting, staff and other children. These visits help evoke a sense of security and the confidence to be left once they start, knowing that you will return to pick them up. The exact number and timing of these visits will be tailored to your child’s needs and we welcome phone calls during these visits to ease any concerns and answer any of your questions.

Does your child have special educational needs?

Havering’s Local Offer for Children with SEND


Fees are fully inclusive of all meals, snacks, consumables such as nappies, milk, sun cream, and art and craft materials. Fees also include additional learning and enhancement activities such as sport, drama or language lessons (these activities vary).

We offer discounts for those accessing full-time places subject to certain conditions.

We ask you to pay fees in advance each month and you will be provided with a clear timetable for payment to ensure that you can manage your finances accordingly.

On registration, you will be charged a small registration fee and a deposit to secure your place. The deposit is refunded when your child leaves the nursery, as long as all your fees have been paid and you give us a month’s notice in writing.


We advise that your child is dressed according to the weather, in clothes that are durable and wash easily. During the nursery day your children will be painting, gluing, playing with sand and water, climbing, scooting, planting or even playing with mud! Their clothes need to withstand a day of full-on activities.

We have worked with suppliers to provide Little Learners t-shirts and sweatshirts that are not only tough, durable and wash well, but also give your child a sense of identity and pride at being part of Little Learners Nursery.

Uniform can be purchased directly from the Nursery at any point. Parents may also find it helpful to send their child with a change of clothes or comforter in the nursery bag.

T-shirts £5.00 Sweatshirts £9.00 Gym bag £3.75 Sun cap £3.50

Daily Routine

Little Learners at St Nicholas Avenue

Little Learners at Axon Place