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Help! I need a Nursery for my child, what should I look for?

Finding good quality childcare can be difficult. Do you prioritise your child’s happiness, the location or the cost? Will your child’s specific needs be catered for and how will you know how your child is getting on? Here is a list of questions designed get you thinking about your and your child’s needs so you […]

Potty Training Top Tips

10 tops tips to ensure Potty training is a success Be prepared to start the process Potty training takes a lot of time and effort so be prepared! Often people think that the summer is the best season to begin potty training as you have more time to give to it and it’s quicker to […]

Encouraging your under fives to get talking!

Children develop at their own pace but you can encourage communication skills and language development in young children by modelling good skills yourself Communication can be broken down into 3 main areas: listening & attention, speaking and understanding.   These are the building blocks for your child’s language development. Listening and Attention: Listening and attention skills […]

British Values

Did you know that in 2014 that the Government instructed all schools and nurseries to promote British values as a fundamental part of their curriculum? In fact it’s viewed as so important that Ofsted assess how well the values are being taught by making judgements on various development factors that they find in the children, […]