October 2018 Topics of Learning & Newsletter

In October 2018 the children at Little Learners will be developing knowledge and understanding on- Autumn season, Harvest Festival, Halloween & Wiggly worms. Please follow the link to read our Topic Program for details about how our activities meet the EYFS 7 areas of learning. Topic Program October 2018 These seasonal celebrations relating directly to the […]

Eggs at nursery again, when will the chickens arrive?!

Its Little Learners Nursery & Preschool favourite time of year! The learning experience with so many possibilities and opportunities for the children to learn… The ‘Happy chick company’ has today delivered 10 Eggs to our Nursery. 10 eggs in an incubator nearly ready to hatch! Before the Eggs hatch into chirpy little chicks, we must […]

Topic Programme September 2018

During September 2018 the children will be developing their knowledge and understanding about- ‘Autumn, Chick Hatching, Hygiene & Family.’ All of the topics and activities are closely related to the seven areas of the EYFS curriculum which are; Personal, Social and emotional development, Communication and Language, Physical development, Mathematics, Literacy, Understanding the world and Expressive arts & […]

what is the improtance of messy play?

So what is messy play? Why is it important to expose children to paint? And what is its purpose? Many parents dislike letting their children get sooooo messy… But consider this: would the knowledge that your child is learning, playing and developing make the messy stains are worthwhile? Did you know that when your child […]