Nursery Life at Axon Place

Daily routine

Each room has a unique daily routine for your child to be able to settle into nursery life as easy as possible. A typical day reads as below:

7:30am Breakfast – various cereals and toast with a variety of toppings, plus scrambled eggs and beans in the winter months
9:00am Morning welcome songs and circle time
9:30am Morning activities
10:00am Morning snack and toilet time/nappy changing
10:30am Time in the garden
11:00am Lunch
11:45am Sleep time and quiet activities
12:30pm Afternoon activities
2:30pm Toilet time/nappy changing
2:45pm Afternoon story/circle time
3:00pm Teatime
3:30pm Time in the garden
4:30pm Free-play and toilet time/nappy changing

Different monthly topics provide the focus for daily activities


Our mealtimes are 11:00 – 11:45am.

Mealtimes are fun, sociable occasions when staff and children eat together. In fact, we encourage our children to get involved in cooking. They often discover new things that they like and grow fonder of vegetables having been involved in preparing them!

The nursery has a five star food hygiene rating and an on-site chef who produces a delicious four week healthy-eating menu that changes according to the seasons and availability of produce. All the food is freshly prepared on site and nutritionally balanced with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables to ensure a healthy diet.

We take dietary requirements very seriously and ensure that staff know if your child has allergies or other requirements, such as religious observances.

Keeping up with your child’s progress

In addition to the staff making themselves available at the beginning and end of each day, Little Learners also uses the Tapestry App. This provides a daily insight into all the learning and fun that your child is having at nursery allowing you to keep up to date with what your child is up to each day.

Your child’s keyworker will upload photos of your child involved in activities and include notes on what they have enjoyed, comments they have made and their progress. You can also do the same: uploading photos of activities from home or days out that you’d like to share with the nursery.

Tapestry can be downloaded onto your smartphone and was specially developed by a former primary school teacher, nursery manager and Local Authority for use in early year’s education, meaning that it is very safe and secure. You will only be able to see your child’s journal.

Inset days

Three inset days per year (usually at the start of the year, Easter and end of the summer period) allow staff to develop their knowledge and keep updated in important aspects of childcare so that we continue to deliver an excellent service. We will always give you plenty of notice of when these dates are, so you can plan accordingly.

Qualified staff

Our staff are all suitably qualified and we strongly believe in having a plan of continuous professional development for each of our practitioners. This is so that we always offer an environment that is not only very safe, but also provides an atmosphere where your child thrives and develops.

All our staff are paediatric first aid trained meaning that they have all the skills necessary to deal with anything from a bumped knee to a more serious injury requiring a health care professional.

Our staff are fluent in English, Telugu, Pakistani, Urdu, Tamil, Swahili, Ugandan, Lithuanian, Polish and Russian