Parent Partnership

Every child who leaves Little Learners is well prepared and ready for school, determined to continue learning and have a positive effect on their friends and community in the future

We believe we can achieve our vision by working in close partnership with every parent.

We believe our partnership with you is a journey that starts from your initial enquiry through to when your child leaves for school…

Initial enquiry about a place for your child in our nursery

Our staff listen to your needs and begin to gather information about how we can meet your needs – we understand you know your child best.


We invite you into our nursery so you can meet the manager, our practitioners and chef, see the nursery rooms and children’s activities and speak to staff to find out more about how we will work with your child and get answers to any questions you may have…


Registration is a further opportunity for us to get to know you and your child better.  We gather lots of information such as your child’s likes and dislikes, favourite toys, dietary requirements, religious beliefs and whether they have any allergies, medication or additional needs.


Children who feel secure and happy are more confident to explore and as a result become more capable learners.

Your child will have a named key person from day one.

The key person is an important link between nursery and home.

The key person has the knowledge and understanding on how children learn and develop and will develop a close relationship with and really get to know your child.

A key person will respond sensitively to your child’s feelings and behaviours and meet their emotional needs by giving reassurance, such as when they are settling-in.

The key person is your main point of contact.  Key workers share information about daily activities, what your child has eaten and had to drink, as well as how they are developing against the Early Years Foundation Stage.

Key person

We use Tapestry, an online learning journal, to record your child’s learning journey. It allows you, and your child’s key person to keep track of your child’s progress against the Early Years Foundation Stage.  Tapestry helps you understand the progress your child is making against the important developmental milestones.

Your key person will upload observations, photographs and videos of the activities your child takes part in at nursery – we call this the ‘learning journey’.

Tapestry also allows you to upload photo’s and comments about what your child has done at the weekend – we actively encourage parents to do this as it helps with the links between home and nursery.

Your child’s learning journey

We do all that we can to involve you in nursery life and strengthen the partnership we have with you, for example:

  • your child’s key person is available during the week to discuss your child’s development with you
  • the nursery manager is also available to discuss your child progress and development
  • we have strong links with our local authority and can access support for children with additional needs
  • we hold six-monthly parents evenings at which we discuss the progress your child is making, and discuss any concerns you may have
  • we complete checks for all 2-year olds and meet with you to discuss the progress your child has made
  • we hold regular events and open days
  • we invite parents into the nursery to share their expertise with our children – this could be special foods and festivals or professional expertise such as dentists and firefighters
  • we have a parent handbook that contains useful information such as what to do when you can’t pick up your child from nursery, or what to do if your child needs to take medication throughout the day
  • we share information with you about your child and nursery life through newsletters, emails, letters and phone calls
  • we value your feedback about the service we provide to you and regularly seek your views about how we are doing, and how we could improve, through questionnaires, parent forums and feedback boards

We respond to complaints quickly and try to make sure that we address concerns so they don’t arise again.

Room transition

Depending of the age of your child when they start nursery, they may progress from the baby room, to the toddler room to Pre-school.  We want to make sure your child has a smooth transition at each stage and will fully involve you, and your child, during this period.

School transition

We understand that moving to school is a big milestone and we will work in partnership with you to make sure your child is fully prepared for the big event.

We have an annual ‘getting ready for school’ curriculum plan that starts in September of each year.  The plan includes writing, numbers and shapes.

We begin our ‘school transition’ plan in April each year.  The plan includes activities that prepare your child for school, for example, activities that promote independence such as changing into PE kit, hanging up and finding coats and managing packed lunches.  We also include activities that promote learning for example we set small homework tasks for your child to complete with you such as reading books, or practicing letters, shapes and numbers.

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