Staff at St Nicholas Avenue

Terri is due to return with her baby in January

Terri Noone

Nursery Manager

Terri has completed her BA Honors Degree in Early Years Childhood studies and is our Deputy Nursery Manager and has worked at Little Learners for over 3 years.

Terri has no key children but strives to support the practitioners and uphold positive parent partnership within the nursery setting.

Terri has a child of her own attending the setting and her favorite activity is singing with musical instruments and bubbles, ensuring the children are enthusiastic and happy.

we run our baby room entirely around their needs

Jodie Richards

Acting Deputy Nursery Manager

Jodie is trained to NVQ Level 3 in Early Years and Childcare

Jodie is currently working as an Acting Deputy Nursery Manager whilst Terri Noone is on Maternity Leave.

Jodie has developed her knowledge, experience and skills in order to previously become a Trainee Deputy Nursery Manager / Room Leader based in our baby room, also known as the Little Smilers.

Jodie runs her room entirely around the needs of her babies to help create a home from home for the children in her care and loves messy play – she very often gets messier than the younger ones while helping them to explore and experiment with new textures and materials!

Jodie offers professional advice and feedback to parents on a daily basis. Jodie has a fantastic attitude toward to the children. Jodie ensures every day is educational as well as exciting including every individual child’s interests into routine.

Jodie is passionate about working with children, both in large groups and on a one to one basis where she brings out the personalities of each of the children and is happiest when she is snuggled down with the children telling stories!

We focus on developing our staff

Terri Stanley

Trainee Deputy Nursery Manager
Room Leader & SEND coordinator

Terri is trained to NVQ Level 3 in Early Years and Childcare.

Terri is a Trainee Deputy Nursery Manager / Toddler Room Leader otherwise known as the Little Snowflakes.

Terri has great control over large groups of children and has the ability to hold the children’s attention.

Terri is always finding and completing online courses in order to push her personal development and skills which in turn benefits the children attending our setting! Terri especially enjoys educating herself centred on Special Educational Needs and Disabilities and her training leads Terri to be Little Learner SEND Coordinator. Within the setting Terri pushes visual timetables, Makaton and aiding special needs children to understand and learn, exceeding their expectations.

Terri is always happy to try new things and confident within her skin. Terri teaches the children they can be whatever they want to be including dressing as a fire fighter when we had a special visit into the setting from the fire brigade!

our children feel cared about by staff like Ellie

Ellie Thompson

Nursery Practitioner

Ellie is CACHE Level 3 trained and works within our Baby Room otherwise known as the Little Smilers Room .

Ellie shows a lot of care and compassion towards the children and is always on hand if they need any assistance.

Ellie is often seen within the role-play area, letting the children dress her up in what they wish and even taking her to the hair and make-up salon.

Ellie has created great bonds with the children and is able to provide stimulating activities through the children’s interests, targeting their next steps in helping them to achieve to the next level.

Caithlin-Marie Wilson

Apprentice Nursery Practitioner

Caithlin is a one of our nursery apprentices who joined our team in January 2021 and is currently working towards achieving her level 3 qualification in childcare and currently works within our little snowflakes room and has built great bonds with all the children.

Caithlin always shows she is eager to learn and thoroughly enjoys implementing her learning into the setting.

Caithlin shows great care and compassion to all of the children and thoroughly enjoys messy activities and most often gets just as messy as the children.  

Shelby-Rose Clark

Nursery Room Leader

Shelby has completed her Level 3 Apprenticeship in childcare with us and is now a Nursery Room Leader.

Shelby works with our 2-3 age children, otherwise known as the Little Sunshine’s room and has taken to her new role very well. Shelby holds great bonds with the children; she has shown excellent skills in helping the children to progress with their learning alongside the EYFS framework.

Shelby enjoys physical play with the children such as dancing, playing sports, ect. When building obstacle courses for the children, Shelby challenges the children in being able to move around the course in different ways, which the children thoroughly enjoy.

Chloe Gullefer

Nursery Room Leader

Chloe is a NVQ Level 3 Qualified Practitioner in Early years and childcare with very high aspirations and personal goals to further her career and vastly impact the preschool aged children attending little learners. Chloe has undertaken a large amount of training which has impacted her knowledge, understanding and capabilities within childcare.  Chloe role models self-service to promote independence in children form a young age, enjoys arts and crafts creative activities, really loves educational singing of number and letter songs to help children to widen their vocabulary and broaden their knowledge. Chloe also really enjoys going for a healthy run around the garden playing interactive games and keeping fit… you name it and Chloe is doing it with all of the preschool children at nursery!

Shauna Foran

Apprentice Nursery Practitioner

Shauna is one of our Apprentice Practitioners and joined our team in February 2021.

Shauna is working towards achieving her Level 3 qualification in childcare and is building knowledge and understanding working across all of the various ages in the setting, it is clear to see that all the children have grown fond of Shauna and enjoy involving her within their activities and games.

Shauna is often seen at the mark making table with the glitter, paint and glue helping the children to create their wonderful master pieces.

Danielle Punt

Sessional Nursery Practitioner

Danielle is trained to NVQ Level 3 in Early Years and Childcare and is currently attending university weekly where she is working towards a BA honours degree within Early Childhood Studies.

Danielle works as a Sessional Nursery Practitioner at Little Learners and covers staff who may be on external training and cover holidays and sickness. Danielle had previously worked in our Baby Room before deciding to take up her University studies in Psychology.

Danielle has excellent skills when engaging and interacting with the children and adapts well to meet every individual child’s needs.

home cooked food is a firm favourite at nursery

Carla Duina

Nursery Cook

Carla is our Nursery Cook.

All food is delivered fresh on a weekly basis to the nursery and Carla makes every meal from scratch. As our Nursery Practitioners eat meals with the children to ensure that a good example is set and that good table etiquette is maintained they know first-hand how delicious the food is at Little Learners!

The children benefit from healthy eating with a varied four-week menu which includes differing diverse food and our menu has recently been updated taking into account the seasonal changes.