Welcome to Little Learners!

Welcome to Little Learners Nursery and Pre-School, owned by LifeLine Projects, with 15 years of working in Early Years provision and 17+ years of working with parents.

New Little Learners Nursery coming soon at Ambleside Avenue, Elm Park

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Why you can trust us

In 2003, LifeLine developed a range of support services designed to equip parents with the skills that they were asking for.

In 2005, LifeLine established the Parentlink forum with experts to identify best practice for local and national parent support groups.

In 2005, LifeLine’s first Nursery opened. We established and ran one of the first sure start children’s centres in Barking & Dagenham, including a 60 place Nursery. We went on to manage five other children’s centres across London.

In 2008, we established Totally Mums, providing ante- and post-natal care in partnership with local hospitals.

In 2012, we contributed to the Government’s ‘Breakthrough Britain II’ paper, published by CSJ in 2015.

In 2015, we established Little Learners independent Nursery and Pre-School in Elm Park to provide the kind of high quality Nursery that we would want for our own children. We subsequently opened a second Nursery in Ilford.

In 2017/18, both our Nurseries were rated as GOOD providers by Ofsted.

What you can expect from us

Little Learners leads the way by learning through play.
Our culture springs from our core values of excellence, integrity, ownership, compassion and team. This picture illustrates our goal:

We use fun and play, while working to the Early Years framework, to give every child the foundation they need for school: enjoyment of learning, creativity and ability to make and be a good friend and positive influence on others.

We know how important teamwork is, and so we place a great emphasis on good two-way communication between Nursery and home.

In addition to a friendly face at the Nursery door every day, we use ParentZone. This is an app that records all the learning and fun of your children’s early years education. All securely password protected and accessed via your smartphone!

We employ highly qualified staff who provide a stimulating environment that supports and encourages your child’s learning and development, socially, academically and physically.

What people say about us

Elm Park: St Nicholas Avenue

Everyone so friendly and helpful. Really welcoming and great at keeping us engaged on what our little ones are up to and how we can further develop them at home. Our little girl loves her time at ‘school’!

Amazing nursery. Amazing staff. Couldn’t fault one thing…Staff genuinely care for each and every child in their care. Activities are always well thought out and my child has learnt so much.

I would highly recommend Little Learners Nursery. My son has developed so much since joining…The online updates are great as I can keep up to date on what my little boy is doing while I am at work and it always puts a smile on my face. Cannot recommend highly enough.

Since starting, his language has improved, counting and now letters and writing. The thing I love about Little Learners is that all the children mix together at certain points during the day, so it’s like one big happy family.

I remember visiting for the first time and being impressed by the professionalism of your setting…

Ilford: Axon Place

Since joining this nursery I have noticed a number of skills that have improved such as my daughter’s speech, identifying colours and being able to play and communicate with ease. Her confidence has grown enormously…

The reassurance, constant updates, response to calls even after 5 months, without hesitation has made my life easier…

This is one of the best nurseries, my son loves the teachers and the manager is very friendly, loves children and value us, passionate, that makes me feel happy to bring another son here…

Little Learners was, for me, the best nursery in the area (having visited many) and where I could envision her attending each day. I was very emotional leaving her and still feel that one year is not enough time off work but the nursery couldn’t have been better in helping with this transition. My daughter has settled in better/quicker than I could have imagined and the staff keep me up to date with photos on the app…

What our children say

I like coming to nursery because I can play in the home corner and garden

I like coming to nursery as I get to play with my best friends

I like coming to nursery as I get to play with the magnets

I like coming to nursery to play in the sand

I like coming to nursery as I can do drawing and write my name

I like coming to nursery as I can play with all my friends and teachers