Your child’s nutrition



Mealtimes are fun, sociable occasions when staff and children eat together. In fact, we encourage our children to get involved in cooking. They often discover new things that they like and grow fonder of vegetables having been involved in preparing them!

Our mealtimes are 11:30am.

We take great care with food hygiene, and the nursery has an on-site chef who produces a delicious four week healthy-eating menu that changes according to the seasons and availability of produce. All the food is freshly prepared on-site and nutritionally balanced with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables to ensure a healthy diet.

We take dietary requirements very seriously and ensure that staff know if your child has allergies or other requirements, such as religious observances.

Baby-led weaning

Baby-led weaning is all about offering your baby a selection of foods to choose from and letting them feed themselves. Introducing your little one to solids through baby-led weaning allows them to be in charge, explore, and choose what they pick up and eat. This means they’re more likely to develop the skills needed to take food into their mouth, move it around and swallow safely.

The recommended age to start baby-led weaning is from six months onwards. This is the same age as the alternative—spoon-feeding.

Here at Little Learners, we promote baby-led weaning by:

Your child’s nutrition


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