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Our ethos

Cultivating a culture of learning through play is very important to us. We build children’s confidence and whet their appetite to learn with a range of fun, age-appropriate, daily activities which are based around the children’s interests and next steps.

Each of our nurseries works to the Early Years framework, offering a safe and stimulating environment from which every child leaves enjoying learning, ready for school, and able to make and be a good friend to others.

At Little Learners, we implement a curriculum to children using loosely-based monthly topics across all age groups. The staff differentiate activities accordingly to meet the age and needs of the children and track the activities through in-the-moment planning to explore and build upon the children’s interests and developmental next steps.

In order to enable a smooth transition between each age group up until the children are ready to leave us for school, they are targeted to meet two developmental outcomes at each stage.

Developmental outcomes

Babies (3-16 months)

Toddlers (16-24 months)

2-3 years

Preschoolers (3-5 years)

Meet our pets!

By interacting with our nursery pets, the children are directly exposed to personal, social and emotional areas of learning, where they can begin to understand skills such as caring and compassion. The children assist in taking care of the pets, such as helping to clean their cages and prepare their food, which helps to develop fine motor skills. We also use them to help the children better understand the world, such as exploring the foods we gave them and the lifecycle of animals.

We’re eager to introduce many different types of animals to the children’s learning. In the past, we have observed ducklings and chicks hatch, tadpoles develop into frogs, and caterpillars become beautiful butterflies.

Topic programme for 2023

January: Seasons

February: Space

March: People who help us

April: Life cycles and planting

May: Countries

June: Colours and shapes

July: Science and investigation

August: Transport and road safety

September: All about me and my family

October: Healthy Eating

November: Animals of the world

December: Christmas

Your child’s curriculum


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