Oral hygiene


Why oral hygiene is important

Approximately one-fourth of five-year-olds in England have tooth decay, with at least three or four teeth impacted on average.

Tooth extraction is one of the highly common procedures for children under six in hospital, as well as being a common reason for hospital admissions for children aged six to ten. (GOV.UK, 2022)

This is why it is highly advisable to begin oral health practices from the moment the very first milk tooth appears, as well as planning to visit the dentist before the child’s first birthday.

Three key messages

Eating healthy

What your child consumes has a massive impact on their oral health. Therefore, it is important that they eat a balanced diet.

Eating healthy means to follow a healthy eating arrangement that incorporates a range of nutritious foods and drinks. It also means to get the number of calories that’s right for an individual—neither eating too much nor too little.

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Oral hygiene


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